Vision Mission and Values

Vision and Mission

To develop our students’ confidence, skills and ambition so that they take the next steps towards a successful and productive life and contribute positively in society












Curriculum Offer

At White Trees Independent School we believe that everyone in our school can learn and achieve and has the potential to be successful.  We promote learning and development by building quality relationships which are rooted in mutual trust, respect, care, high expectations and taking responsibility.

Very often when students arrive at White Trees they have low self –esteem which is a barrier to learning. We address this by delivering a holistic curriculum which focuses on the student’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

We firmly believe that by developing a positive and healthy self-esteem in our students they will be more likely to engage in learning.

Learning at White Trees involves participation in a variety of activities designed to enhance an educational experience and nurture and develop a particular student interest. We offer a range of recognised qualifications at KS3 and KS4

Curriculum Offer

In Key Stage 3 we adopt an inter-disciplinary topic approach to the curriculum which has been developed and implemented in line with the Independent School Standards (2014) and has  incorporated elements of the National Curriculum. Differentiation is a key aspect of our curriculum and course delivery. We recognise that differentiation is the key to ensuring all students can access learning and make progress in addition to ensuring appropriate content levels for all ability ranges.

Our curriculum aims to increase the student’s experiences of the physical world we live in. This often involves leaning from beyond the classroom, and helps to develop their enquiry skills usually associated with science but not necessarily in a traditional lab setting.  Students learn to develop their observation skills, form hypotheses and conduct experiments and record the findings.   These skills help to develop resilience

Our curriculum also promotes the use of information and communication technology (ICT) as we are keen as adults to learn from students. We encourage students to plan, research, and share and communicate their ideas. We keep our students up to date with responsible use and e- safety measures.

Our curriculum recognises that our students have different interests and we personalise and differentiate our teaching and curriculum to reflect this. We also have a Common Core Curriculum for all which aims to provide important skills and understanding for life beyond school.

PSHE- Our PSHE programme incorporates our British Values and our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Curriculum which echo our school principles

In KS4 students will follow the same format 
Physical – students can follow programmes of study which lead to recognised qualifications in Sport and Coaching
Social – students can complete recognised qualifications in Work Skills and Employability
Health – students can complete recognised qualifications in Food Preparation, Hygiene and First Aid
Economic – Students can complete qualifications in Money and Finance

In KS4 our students will have a Vocational placement to give them direct training in a more practical manner
Our students receive Independent Advice and Guidance to make informed choices at KS4 and 5 and this challenges them to achieve

We are an accredited centre for OCR, Gateway and more recently BTEC Qualifications all of which provide progression routes for post 16 education and training

For further details please see our Curriculum Policy