Vision Mission and Values

Vision and Mission

To develop our students’ confidence, skills and ambition so that they take the next steps towards a successful and productive life and contribute positively in society













2017 has seen White Trees become an accredited OCR centre to deliver Functional Skills in Maths, English and ICT, additional to this Becky & her deputy have linked White Trees with Skills Builder one of the most comprehensive e-learning solutions for functional skills and GCSE that incorporates Ofsted compliant assessments. It was a real joy to see our confident post 16 students leave White Trees in July with formal qualifications, having also secured themselves college placements on the back of their qualifications. Becky and Lukas strongly believe these achievements were a direct response to White Trees providing a safe and secure learning environment, subsequently creating successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Who are now embarking onto further education.

White Trees delivers education both at the school, but also away from the setting, catering for the variety of behaviours that our students present. No two days are ever the same, students are offered a bespoke package, which will include maths & English, and can include cookery, art, work experience and music lessons, boxing, gym, kick boxing, swimming or trampolining. There is also opportunity to gain additional qualifications like this year’s student body who left with a first aid qualification. Educational trips and access to the wider curriculum in the form of ‘Topic work’ is available, building in science, history and geography and some social action projects like this year’s link with the Essex Braintree food bank and wider projects like our Christmas shoe box appeal with young people living in very rural Kabale in South Western Uganda. We cover a variety of PHSE topics that are very applicable to our cohort such as:

  • Personal and online safety
  • Sexual health
  • Health relationships
  • Positive body image, self-esteem, emotional health, anger management, and positive thinking
  • Resilience and adapting to change
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Substance misuse and awareness including alcohol, drugs and smoking
  • The criminal justice system
  • Self harm

White Trees is flexible in their approach and the teaching team are skilled in adapting their planning to suit the changing mood and cooperation levels of the students they are presented with.