High ropes at the secret nuclear bunker !!!!!

One of the rules were that you have to wear your helmet at all times, which was really annoying because my hair was really nice. Loved it but now it is ruined.

Another one of the rules were that you have to wear a harness, to make sure that you did not fall and die so that was good and to make sure that at every beginning you would be attached to the rope runner.

Our instructors were called Jo and Tyler, I was really scared because I am scared of heights but Tyler was telling me that I could do it and I said ok. It was really scary there was lodes of times that I thought I was going to die but hay I didn’t which was good. It was quite fun but I probs wouldn’t go to that one again maybe another one like go ape or something.

Some of the tasks were quite tricky but I got through it all. There was this one where there was logs all different shapes on rope and when you stepped on it, it would move and that one was pretty scary I thought that I was going to fall off them and die. I was nearly crying because I was that scared gosh I am lucky then you had to go down the zip line and I was well scared hate them so much after we had done it all we went to go and have a snack and a drink after we had finished are snacks and drinks we went to go onto the climbing wall which was good. I could do the easy one well quick, but the hard one I could only do half of it because it was so hard and then I tried to do the easy one again but I couldn’t because my arms ached so much. I went up half way and then fell straight back down. It was hard and then we went on to doing the high zip line and i was scared at first and then I did it and then I went up there and did it again then there was this other one that we had to try and do.

Everyone else did it but not me I walked out there but I didn’t do it, it was well to high and you only had the harness on and then you had to drop I was well too scared and I was shaking so bad so then I got down and then we took off our harness and helmets and then said good bye and then we left and went to school.

By Leah