Keeper for the day!!

Keeper for the day means, your basically having an experience of being a real keeper, which involves looking after the animals on a one to one basis, feeding and preparing their meals.

Morning Session - 11.00am - 1.30pm


  • Behind the scenes tour inside the elephant house!
  • Find out more about each of the elephants from their keepers
  • Take part in your own private elephant feed!

Bears & Giant Anteaters:

  • Meet the Sun bears and prepare an 'enrichment' feed for these amazing animals to enjoy
  • Prepare a meal for the Giant Anteaters!
  • Be introduced to the unusual and charismatic Binterong or' Bear cat'

Lunch - 1.30pm - 2.30pm

Afternoon Session - 2.30pm - 3.45pm

Tigers & Wolves:

  • Step behind the scenes to witness at close quarters the thrill and excitement of a Timber wolf feed
  • Come face to face with the biggest cat of them all, the Amur Tiger!
  • Meet the rarest deer in the world and find out all about their training programme
  • Meet the wonderful Pygmy Hippos. Please note times given are approximate.

It approximately costs £175.00

I will be taken to the zoo for 11:30 then after the day picked up at 4:00 on either the 19th of march or the 26th of march.

Lunch will be provided and I will wear suitable clothing.