SureCare Staff Support

SureCare Staff SupportAt SureCare we are aware of the pivotal role our staff play in transforming the lives of our young peopler. We value and respect all the members of our team and want to ensure that are happy and content in their role at SureCare.

At each home a member of the staff is chosen by their own team to be Employee of the Month and wins a small price. Votes are then totalled so that someone from each home can win Employee of the Year.

Being a member of SureCare staff is a deeply rewarding experience but not without its stresses, disappointments and harrowing moments and so we have taken care to create an infrastructure to enable our staff to offload stress, develop personally as well as learn new strategies to cope with the difficulties which they may face.

Clinical supervision Keyworkers

12 sessions offered per annum
Keyworkers have access to psychological input relating to specific areas of work identified. For example, the keyworker can bring to a supervisory meeting a difficulty currently being experienced and should come away aware of how Cognitive Behaviour Therapy , CBT, can be applied to deal specifically with it.
Also, co-keyworking sessions take place with the psychologist and keyworker where this is appropriate for the topic and young person involved.

Clinical supervision general staff

12 sessions offered per annum
Monthly clinical supervision is available to all staff. At SureCare, supervision is a strong element of supervision.

Peer supervision keyworker and general staff

8 sessions offered per annum
During monthly peer supervision behaviours and issues of the young people are discussed and responses agreed.