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SureCare Residential was created to help young people to whom life had presented more problems than solutions, overcome their difficulties and progress towards greater fulfilment. To date SureCare Residential has opened four residential homes, and has supported many young people to make positive choices about their future, and develop the skills needed to progress towards adulthood.

In 2013 SureCare Residential identified the need for a more specialised, nurturing education for some young people in their care, and began the process of developing an independent school to meet this need – White Trees Independent School was founded. The school was initially situated in Ongar and registered for 6 pupils. SureCare recently registered larger premises to meet the needs of our growing pupil number and the school is currently based in Bishops Stortford and registered at present to provide education for up to 16 students.

SureCare Residential had a vision of how the school should run, and employed an exceptional lady as our Principal in order to ensure this was put into practice. She had a long career in Education where she worked in a wide variety of settings from being a classroom Humanities teacher in a large comprehensive mainstream school, through work in a Referral unit, to a Senior Management role as Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Pastoral work in a large mixed ability school. Her work practice and ethos matched those of SureCare and was firmly rooted in the belief that emotional wellbeing and good mental health underpin good learning. A systemic approach to ensuring the physical, emotional and educational wellbeing of each child has evolved from this belief that a nurture based approach, where the stage not age of a child determines their learning environment and programme. She has since left White Trees to take on new challenges however the success of the school continues to grow under the leadership of the School Manager Rebecca Verallo-Graves and her team, last year securing OCR status, which provided our first group of school leavers with functional skills exams which secured their places at college.

The school provides a personalised curriculum for each child, which is delivered by staff who are experienced in delivering a variety of approaches and content. This all takes place within a supportive and safe learning environment. Young people will receive their entitlement to learning experiences in the key areas of linguistic, mathematical, scientific, aesthetic, technical, physical and humanities based education. Although the learning is based very much on the National Curriculum, the daily, weekly and termly experiences are tailored to the individual needs and experiences of the young people. This bespoke provision means that although a framework has been provided, a clear week by week scheme of work may not be what young people follow. Each student will have an IEP, in which priority learning goals have been identified by the staff team and the young person. These goals will include a balance of academic, social and emotional negotiated targets and expected outcomes. The goals will be set at the start of the year as part of the IEP discussion, but will be refocused on a regular basis at least termly. Within these IEPs will be short term objectives and appropriate identified resources and effective teaching strategies that will be employed by staff in order to achieve those objectives. An appropriate balance between academic, social, and emotional aspects of learning will all form part of the equation for a curriculum for personal development.

If you have any questions, or specific needs, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

White Trees Vision & Ethos

Vision & Ethos

A curriculum vision for White Trees Independent School. Everything we do is firmly rooted in the six principles of Nurture:..


SureCare residential homes

SureCare residential homes

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Alternative Curriculum


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SureCare professional feedback
  • "SureCare has been the longest and most stable placement he has had and he feels happy and settled living there..."
  • "Longest and most stable placement he has had and he feels living there..."
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